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Yangtze River Cruise FAQ

Best Season of Yangtze River Cruise

The best season to take a Yangtze River cruise are April, May, September and October. For sure, the price is high in these months.
Winter low season of Yangtze River Cruise; and the rate is low in winter.

How long time in advance should i book the Yangtze River cruise ?
We recommend you to book a cruise as early as possible. For example, many travelers make the reservation for cruise of next autumn.

Are there any differences between upstream and downstream cruises?
With a higher price downstream cruise takes less time.
Some shore excursions is different between downstream and upspream because of the different schedule.

Shall I miss anything important during the night time?
All scenic sites are arranged in daytime. And there is few night sail.

What about tipping on board?
Tipping is is entirely at your discretion. You can do it just same with your custom.

Is Credit card acceptable on board?
Yes, most credit card are acceptable on ship.

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