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Shibaozhai Profile
Famed as a gem of Chinese architecture, Shibaozhai is a protruding 12-story wooden pavilion with the length of 220 meters as well as a historical site.
When you enjoy it from a distance, it¡¯s just like a jade seal.

It stands on the south bank of the Yangtze River, Zhongxian and about 278 km from Chongqing.

Shibaozhai was originally constructed in 1650 during the Qing Dynasty.

This red architecture will display a grand view to all tourists. Along with a rectangular cliff, Shibaozhai is made up of 3 parts namely the entrance gate, a 9-story wooden pavilion as well as a small temple on the top.
The yellow-glazed entrance gate has an inscription to invite tourists to the top temple via a ladder.
The top temple was originally constructed during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Then a 9-story wooden pavilion was added to it in 1819.
There¡¯s a stone terrace with the area of 1,200 square kilometers at the top. Here, you will get a panoramic view of the scattered village and winding river. Halls lie in the middle of the terrace. Moreover, there¡¯s also a well called Duck Hole in Ganyu Palace at the peak.
In the main hall of the temple stands the spirit wall which is built by bricks in Han Dynasty. The hall behind is devoted to General Zhang Fei and Yan Yan during the period of the Three Kingdoms on the right side and to General Qin Liangyu on the left side. In addition, there¡¯s a mural depicting the goddess Nuwo repairing the sky. Fossils of fish and a dinosaur¡¯s tail are also on show in the hall.
In the rear hall, there¡¯re the relics of the Rice Flowing Hole.

Legend and Story
Also there¡¯s a legend about the Duck Hole. It goes like this: in late spring, a duck would swim in the Yangtze River if you dropped it into the hole.

Admission fee
The admission fee for this scenic spot is RMB 20.

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