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Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei Temple Profile

Considered as a memorial to Yunyang People, Zhangfei Temple is one of the few famous historic relics in Yunyang County, attracting numerous visitors every year due to its unparalleled architectural style and wood carvings. Moreover, itĄ¯s also the largest relocation project in the Yangtze Three Gorges.

This temple lies at the top of the Flying Phoenix Hill in LongĄ¯an Village of Panlong Town, Yunyang County, Chongqing.

Function or value in the past
It was built in order to commemorate Zhang Fei-a famous general of Shu State during the Three Kingdoms Period.

History of Zhangfei Temple
In 1703, the construction of Zhangfei Temple began and it was completed after 90 years.
The temple has been destroyed several times during its long history. What we see today was restored in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
In 2002, it was relocated 20 miles west due to the Three Gorges Dam Project.

Covering an area of more than 4,000 square meters, this splendid temple with glazed tiles and red wall is mainly made up of the Main Hall on the top of the temple, the Jieyi Building as well as pavilions to memorize the poet Du Fu living here for 2 years.
Giant statues of three sworn brothers- Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are standing in front of the Main Hall.
On the first floor of the temple stand paintings, wood carvings and calligraphy. You will visit the statues of the Three Sworn Brothers on the second floor. Besides, the outstanding bronze statue of Zhang Fei is housed on the third floor.
In addition, locals will make a sacrifice to General Zhang Fei in the temple on his birthday on Aug 27th of according to the lunar month or when some important festival arrives.

Legend and Story
Besides, a legend goes like this: itĄ¯s said that Zhang Fei was murdered by his 2 followers in the late Three Kingdoms Period. His body was buried in Langzhong while his head was thrown into the river and drifted to Yunyang. A fisherman dreamt of him. In the dream, Zhang Fei asked him to rescue his head and bury it in Shu State. The fisherman followed the dream. However, he found a jar of gold. Therefore, he buried ZhangĄ¯s head on the Flying Phoenix Hill to honor this brave general.

Admission fee
The admission fee for the temple is RMB 20.

ItĄ¯s open to the public from 9:10 to 16:50.

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