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Jingzhou Museum

Jingzhou Museum Profile
With the area of roughly 50,000 square meters, the Jingzhou Museum is a comprehensive historic museum, enjoying a great popularity among visitors at home and abroad.

It lies at the west gate of Jinsha in Jingzhou County of Hubei Province.

The museum was firstly founded in 1958.

The Jingzhou Museum is mainly composed of a display hall and a collection hall.
There¡¯re 2 themed exhibitions in the display halls namely the exhibition of primitive cultures from the Yangtze River and Han River and the exhibition of the Chu and Han Culture from the same areas.
As for the collection hall with approximately 130,000 historical items, it boasts 3 main themed exhibitions: one is for the exhibition of a male corpse and the burial objects during the Western Han Dynasty. All of these excavated from the site of Chu State are well-preserved. The male corpse is especially famous. Besides, another spotlight of the museum is the ancient lacquer work exhibition which is the only themed exhibition emphasizing lacquer ware. Most of the items on display were left from the Warring States Period, the Qin Dynasty as well as the Han Dynasty.
Generally speaking, the collection of ancient silks in this museum is the largest one across China.
Additionally, a new exhibition of the music played in the Chu State has been developed these years.

Tourists can get there by bus No. 14, 19, 21, 33 and 101 and get off at the west gate of the Jingzhou Museum.

Today, the museum is open to the public during the whole year including festivals and holidays.

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