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White Crane Ridge

White Crane Ridge Profile
Enjoying the name of the ¡°Underwater Stele Forest¡±, the White Crane Ridge is a well-preserved hydrologic station formed by orogeny movement.

It¡¯s located along the Yangtze River north of Fuling in Chongqing Municipality.

Why got its this name
This ridge earns this name since thousands of white cranes used to gather on it when winter came.
Furthermore, it was used to record the water level in the past.

36 figures of fish were inscribed on the ridge during the Tang Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, 2 carps were added to the ridge. From 763 in the Tang Dynasty to the early 20th century, the stone fish was inscribed around the 72 low-water years.

Scenery of White Crane Ridge
Enjoying the length of 1,600 meters from east to west and width of 10 meters from north to south, this natural ridge is a celebrated hydraulic relic along the Yangtze River.
Its surface is made up of hard sandstone and soft shale. On the ridge, there¡¯re 164 segments of inscription and carvings, of which, 108 segments are hydrological inscriptions and 12 segments are fish carvings. In terms of history and art, all of these works are of great value and record 1,200-year changes of water level.
Moreover, there¡¯s a stone fish with the length of 3 yards and width of 1.6 yards on the west of the ridge. It¡¯s regarded as the king of carps. People believed that there will be a good harvest when fish emerged. Therefore, the stone fish symbolizes high yields.
The White Crane Ridge will submerge in the water almost in the whole year and only its spine comes to the surface in dry seasons namely winter and spring. Therefore, an underwater museum has been built, providing a chance to appreciate this wonder for visitors.
In addition, there¡¯re also about 160 poems inscribed which were created by poets as well as intellectuals.

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