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Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell


Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell Profile
With an area of approximately 4,800 square meters, the Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell boasts comfortable layout, enjoying a great popularity among American visitors in particular.

The museum is located in the Yuzhong District, 4.5 km southeast of the central Chongqing.

Function or value in the past
It was constructed to honor General Joseph W. Stiwell who once made a great contribution to the liberation of China during the World War II.

The museum was open to the public in 1991. During its history, it has been renovated for several times, but the construction still keeps the original style.

Architecture of Residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell
The main architecture of the residence is a 3-story villa including 2 meeting rooms, an office, an adjutant room, a basement as well as bedrooms. In the living room stand simple furniture, household facilities, his clothes and works. Moreover, a monument lies in the center of the residence¡¯s courtyard. A passage of epigraph in English and Chinese is carved on the monument. Additionally, a bust of the general is engraved on one side of it, which will provide visitors the chance to appreciate a vivid portrait of the great general.

Admission fee
The admission fee for this scenic spot is RMB 5.

It¡¯s open to the public from 9:00 to 16:50.

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