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Northern Hot Spring Park

Northern Hot Spring Park Profile
Regarded as a pearl of the Jialing River, the Northern Hot Spring Park is the most important garden park in Chongqing which will offer tourists so many scenic spots.

It¡¯s situated at the foot of Jinyun Mountain on the north of Jialing River and about 55 km from the downtown area of Chongqing.

In the center of the park stand 4 main palaces with strong religious flavors. After having a tour of these palaces, you will find the Guxiang Garden, the Stone Inscription Garden, Water Lily Pool as well as Fish Pond to the east.
In the past, the Hot Spring Temple was in the Guxiang Garden. Moreover, the tombs of monks during the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties are preserved in this place.
As for the Stone Inscription Garden, steles during the above 3 dynasties are standing here. The Panlong Tower from the Ming Dynasty is especially outstanding.
To the north of the palaces, you will have the chance to enjoy caves and 5 ornamental ponds.
However, the Hot Spring are the theme of the park. There¡¯re totally 10 springs with alkali minerals. Furthermore, there¡¯re a standard swimming pool, 75 indoor bathrooms, a recently built indoor swimming pool as well as a play pool. With all of these choices, you must relax completely and enjoy yourselves.
However, what are worth visiting are not just what we have mentioned above. For a true experience, you should come and see in your own eyes.

Tourists can take bus No. 252,253,254,255 to get there.

Admission fee
The admission fee for the park is RMB 10.

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