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Chaotian Gate Chongqing

Profile of Chaotian Gate Chongqing
The Chaotian Gate is the only city gate left in Chongqing as well as a major wharf along the Jialing River

It lies at the confluence of the Yangtze River and Jialing River in the northeastern part of Chongqing.
Tourists can get a wonderful view of the Jialing River with the length of 1,119 km on the left of Chaotian Gate.
Moreover, the newly constructed Chaotian Gate Square provides an ideal location to appreciate the scenery here. In addition, the Chaotian Gate Wharf is the starting point for your tour of Yangtze Cruise as well as the Three Gorges Dam.

The gate was originally established during the early Ming Dynasty. In 1891, it was assigned as the customs. Later, the former gate was dismantled thanks to the construction of the Chaotian Gate Wharf in 1927. However, a fire in 1949 led to the ruin of the area of about 2 square kilometers near the gate. Since then we could only see the remains of the gate.

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