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Shennong Stream

Profile of Shennong Stream
As one of the most famous ports of the Yangtze River, Shennong Stream is a 60-km tributary of the Yangtze River, attracting numerous visitors every year.

It lies on the border between Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, rising in the south of Shennongjia Natural Reserve and joining the Yangtze River at Xirangkou in Badong County of Hubei Province.

History of Shennong Stream
The earliest people reside along the banks of the Shennong Stream at least since the Han Dynasty with Tujia people as the major ethnic minority.
Furthermore, a lot of historical battles happened in this place during the Chinese history. For instance, Liu Bei-the emperor of the Three Kingdoms Dynasty incinerated the fleet of Lu Xum of the Wu Kingdom just in the lower reaches of Shennong Stream.

Characteristic of Shennong Stream
Here, you will appreciate the unique and tranquil scenery along both banks of the crystal-like stream. Totally there¡¯re 4 natural gorges namely Mianzhu Gorge, Yingwu Gorge, Longchang Gorge as well as Chengnong Gorge. Among them, the Mianzhu Gorge is famous for its danger; the Yingwu Gorge famed for its elegance; Longchang Gorge is well-known for its magnificence. In addition, drifting along the stream by small sampan is a wonderful way to have a view of the natural landscapes, ancient villages and also the local flavor of Tujia People. This trip will give you a fresh and relaxing experience.

Furthermore, there¡¯re 2 ways to take this tour for your selection. One is to take barge to Dongzaikou in the north of the county and then transfer to a bus. Another way is to take barge from Badong County ot Xixiangkou and then take a wooden boat to the

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