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Gezi River Stone Forest

Pofile of Gezi River Stone Forest

The Gezi River Stone Forest is a well-known scenic spot with an area of more than 10 square kilometers.

Location of Gezi River Stone Forest
It stands in the southwest of Badong County.

Architecture of Gezi River Stone Forest
This tourist destination is blessed with many marvelous peaks and strange rocks. 3 meadows connect over 30 single peaks and 7 caves. Moreover, the 4 resorts namely thread of sky, 6 ˇ°tunnelsˇ±, 8 deep ˇ°lanesˇ± as well as 5 ˇ°gatesˇ± form a labyrinth of the entire tourists attraction. In addition, the Chunxin Rock,, Nine Dragons Scene are also worth having a visit.

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